We’re Not Business Coaches

I’ve written before about the role of a CFO versus an accounting manager, but have found that there is still a good bit of confusion surrounding what an outsourced CFO/accounting consultant does. The major misconception is that we offer business coaching. In order to clarify how that is not what we do, I thought it might be helpful to expound upon the differences.


Coaching is directed toward an individual, often a company owner or higher-level executive. Financial consulting is based on the needs of the company as an entity. While a business coach might direct an owner to how they might discover their personal passion, and build a company around that, a business consultant would view the areas of profitability for the company, and help devise a plan for focusing toward the best area of ROI, while still serving a diversified client base. Someone struggling to define their personal vision would make a better client for a business coach, than for a consultant.



Financial consulting is based in quantitative data. We do work in forecasting, with margin for error, but all analysis of future possibilities comes from what is quantifiably measurable in the present. Business coaching can be based around more nebulous information, and be more aspirational in pursuing goals. Financial consulting can be used to deal with a moving target, as opposed to aiming for a destined endpoint.


Though we love our clients and are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear, we recognize that we are not trained therapists. (I do feel like we should at least get an honorary license for talking hundreds of people through PPP applications, however.) We want what’s best for our clients, and sometimes that means having to have difficult conversations. Our role is not to be a cheerleader, but an arbiter of fact-based truth. If a client is dead-set on a given business path regardless of the data, and is seeking encouragement only, they are not a good candidate for our consulting.


In short, via our consulting services, we seek to assist a business owner in improving their company. We do not endeavor to improve the performance of the business owner his or her/self.