beyond balancing your books,
we elevate your business.
“Actual vs. projected budget was within 1% every year for thirteen years! You cannot go wrong with The Bookkeeper.”
A total accounting solution tailored for your business.

We give you more than pristine financials.

Many bookkeepers do a great job at making sure the numbers are entered and accounts squared away.  Only The Bookkeeper uses that same financial data to design improvements for your business as a whole.  Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned CEO, we can help you strengthen the revenue potential of your company.

Craig and his team are competent, communicative, and proactive about assisting me with my business. Their service goes above and beyond bookkeeping as they have given me helpful suggestions on how to simplify my tasks, reduce expenses, and add revenue.

Russell Harper, RenewaBuild

We change businesses, by the numbers and through relationships.

Just as any machine is greater than the sum of its parts, your company is more than figures on a balance sheet.  We work with you and your company’s data to pave pathways for your continued success and growth.

Give us an hour and you’ll know the difference.

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