Can Your Business Run Without You? (Beta Test)

Perhaps the most cliched goal in the small business world is to structure your business so that it can run without you. It’s something many entrepreneurs run toward, but that few achieve. And, if it…

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Fixing the Shortage (by Explaining What We Do)

A few weeks ago, we wrote on where all the accountants have gone (largely, to better-paying jobs with better work-life balance and lower education requirements). I posited the idea that we might be…

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Where Have All the Accountants Gone?

In a season one episode of the HBO show “Our Flag Means Death”, Blackbeard attends a formal party in disguise as an accountant named Jeff. It’s played for laughs, to show that he is so out-of-touch…

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Accounting in Space

With the recent (as of this writing) “rapid, unscheduled disassembly” of SpaceX’s Starship, private space travel is back in the news. Though it seems like a unique industry, more the hobby of…

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Caught Any Interesting Banking News Lately?

Though banking news typically sparks little interest in the general public, it was hard to avoid finding out about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week. On Friday, March 10th, 2023, it…

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Is It Time For a New Inventory System?

December is the time of year when everyone starts thinking about changes for the upcoming new year. For companies, that often means analyzing their current systems and thinking of what they want to…

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We’re Not Business Coaches

I’ve written before about the role of a CFO versus an accounting manager, but have found that there is still a good bit of confusion surrounding what an outsourced CFO/accounting consultant does. The…

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The Four Pillars of a Financial System

Every business has, whether by intention or default, a financial system. In a “default” financial system, the movement of money just…happens. Bills might be tracked on a notepad, customer invoices…

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man holds papers

What Does a CFO Do?

If you asked the average person what a CEO does, they can probably give you a fairly detailed answer, somewhere between the truth and the truth as influenced by pop culture. CEOs are visionaries who…

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basketball court

Hiring an Entire Person

Imagine you’re the coach of a winning basketball team. You’re doing pretty well but, you’ve lost a few games that you feel could have been won if your players hadn’t been out-rebounded. When it’s…

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