We often like to make time to feature clients who have interesting experiences or businesses, whom we’d like to shine a spotlight upon. This week, our friend Annelies was kind enough to come by the office and share a bit of her coaching story. Here is that interview (edited for length and clarity).


This interview was originally published in our newsletter.



AMG2How did you get into coaching?

Before this chapter of my life, I was a hair and makeup artist to the stars. One of my clients was the former governor of North Carolina. One morning while taking care of her, she said to me, “Annelies (in a Southern accent), you should be a life coach.” And I said, “…What?” She said, “You always help me see things differently, you inspire me, and you make me see that I’m a part of something bigger. And I just heard of this new career called ‘life coaching’, and that’s what you do for me.”

I was already on the path to retooling towards a new career, as I was working on a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s. And so around that time, I took her advice and I began to research certification programs. And I chose to get my Master’s in coaching and my certification with the International Coaching Federation.

What surprised you most when you began your own coaching journey?

In a nutshell, what has surprised me has been how I have had to educate people on what coaching is to begin with. People know what a haircut is, they know what an oil change is, or a sandwich is, but people don’t understand coaching in relationship to their own personal and professional well-being and success. People also know sports coaches, which is the first analogy that I go to when I try to explain it. Coaching used to be available only to the elite and to high-performance professionals (like sports stars). It’s now available to the average business person.

What also surprised me was how saturated the industry is with sub-par coaches. So before I even get a chance to do my work, I have to educate people on what it is and how it will serve them.

How are you different from other coaches?AMG3

I have a Masters’ degree in coaching, I’m certified with the ICF, and my focus and process is in integrating the person in front of me, their resources, to help them own their situation, and excel beyond their expectations. You will be more than “changed” when you work with me; you will be transformed.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception people have about coaching?

That it’s not for them, it’s inaccessible, and unaffordable. But the reality is, it’s costing people a lot more to suffer than it would to actually do something about it

What does a client need to bring to be successful?

Curiosity and commitment. We can’t begin if you’re not committed, and we can’t continue if you’re not curious. Rumi once said, “There are many ways to kneel down and kiss the ground.” And that is true for the coaching path for any individual, organization, or business. I’m determined to be the best co-pilot and catalyst that I can for my client, provided they are willing to show up, be curious, and be willing to explore what’s possible.

What’s the best way for a new client to get on your calendar?

No one calls anymore, so when someone calls, I’ll probably answer the phone. (laughs) They can also email me and we’ll book a time to talk. I want to hear what people are hungry for.

FinAMG1d Annelies on the web at www.conduitforchange.com.