Your Benefits
Anything but boring.

Accounting is more than just a necessary evil.

Many business owners think of accounting only as a necessary evil, something that has to be done to prevent problems, but which offers no real intrinsic benefit.  Bookkeeping is (perceived as) boring.

However, few would agree that saving $13,500 over the course of one lunch is boring.

That is the benefit one owner received.  Over the course of one lunch conversation, it was discovered that a friend had put some cash into his business.  Because of the way the entry was recorded, he was facing a higher tax liability.  By changing only that one entry, we saved him over $13,500 in taxes.

That is exciting.

Craig helped me tremendously by taking a LOT of time to learn about my needs. He put together a comprehensive plan to eliminate some lingering debt, save for lean times, and is now intently tracking my finances. He is a financial mentor and tells me honestly when something I’m about to do is a bad move.  Over the past few years, I have found Craig to be someone that I can confidently put my trust in to help my family and I reach our goals. ~ Tom Pasternak, TLC Window Cleaning