Bald for a Cause

Many of you have met Craig. If you had to point him out across a crowded room, he might be “the guy in the suit with the shaved head”. And if you know Courtney, she might be “the tall girl with glasses”. Depending on the month of the year, it might be “the short-haired girl with glasses” because, as you may know, Courtney regularly grows out her hair to donate to¬†children with hair loss.


(The car was parked and turned off in this picture.)

(The car was parked and turned off in this picture.)


It’s about to get a lot easier to recognize Courtney. Soon she’ll be “the bald girl”. On April 9th, Courtney is getting her head shaved as a St. Baldrick’s participant. She is doing this to raise money for childhood cancer research. You can learn more about the specific needs in treating childhood cancer here, and about the work St. Baldrick’s does here.


The event is April 9th at Raleigh Beer Garden, and we would love to see many of you there! If you’re local, please consider turning out for the event, or even registering to have your head shaved, as well! If you aren’t ready to go bald, please consider donating to St. Baldrick’s to help fund research. (There is no set minimum. All donations are welcome.) And now, if you run into Courtney in mid-April, you’ll know why she looks so different. (Hint: she got a haircut.)

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