About Us
More than keeping the books.

Bookkeeping is really only a small part of what we do.

CFO consulting is actually the most impactful part of the service we provide to every client. Though we do daily accounting, our primary focus is on using this financial data to transform your business.

So why are we called “The Bookkeeper”?

Craig’s original plan was just to offer bookkeeping services. He also loves the movie “The Untouchables”, so he named his business after the minor-yet-significant character of George, the bookkeeper.

However, once he started working on client financials, he couldn’t help making plans and offering suggestions on how their businesses could improve. And thus, an unintended perk became one of the defining aspects of our company: that all monthly bookkeeping clients receive free CFO consulting from a former corporate CFO with over two decades of experience.

Craig Barbee is founder of The Bookkeeper.

But whatever you picture when you hear the word “bookkeeper”, he’s probably not it.  Sure, he has over two decades as a corporate controller and has built successful businesses from the ground up.  But he’s also:

  • a husband, dad to three, and “Papa” to seven
  • a Triangle native​
  • a devoted Red Sox fan
  • a fitness nut
  • and is incapable of talking without using his hands.
Courtney Barbee is the next generation of
The Bookkeeper.

She started interning with her dad when she was 15, and loved accounting from her first day. She also loves:

  • her husband, two sons, and small army of nieces and nephews
  • volunteering at her church (particularly in the preschool and Jobs for Life programs)
  • reading anything and everything
  • writing about business and accounting
  • and vegging out with a video game.

After years of doing it myself and making lots of mistakes, I was referred to Craig. What a relief. Craig is fun and easy to work with, explains things without making me feel stupid and charges me just for what I want and need. ~ Maria Parker, CruzBike