Local Entrepreneur Spotlight: An Interview with Dave Baldwin of Baldwin Management Consultants

Courtney recently sat down with Dave Baldwin, of Baldwin Management Consultants, in Raleigh. From his website: “Dave Baldwin is an experienced marketer and self-taught entrepreneur who first went into business for himself in 2007 after ten years in the technical field, spurred on by a desire to help introverted entrepreneurs succeed in [...]

When you’re hungry, E.A.T.

Every small business has, or should have a marketing strategy. If, like us, you sell to other businesses instead of directly to consumers, referrals are likely a huge part of that strategy. I have seen small business owners put a lot of effort into obtaining referrals: they join networking groups, visit socials, and schedule 1-on-1s […]

Digging into Profitability

If you’re paying even the tiniest bit of attention to your books, you are familiar with your Profit & Loss statement: namely, how much you are making or losing over a period of time (whether monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). It’s possible that you have broken out your income and expenses to great detail, but there […]

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