When you’re hungry, E.A.T.

Every small business has, or should have a marketing strategy. If, like us, you sell to other businesses instead of directly to consumers, referrals are likely a huge part of that strategy. I have seen small business owners put a lot of effort into obtaining referrals: they join networking groups, visit socials, and schedule 1-on-1s […]

Digging into Profitability

If you’re paying even the tiniest bit of attention to your books, you are familiar with your Profit & Loss statement: namely, how much you are making or losing over a period of time (whether monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). It’s possible that you have broken out your income and expenses to great detail, but there […]

The 3 Most Common MLM Tax Myths

Multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) have exploded over the last decade. Tens of millions of Americans participate in MLMs or “network marketing”. There have been countless articles written over both the potential risks and successes of these companies, so we’re not going to dig into that debate. The fact of the matter is, [...]

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